TJ-702 Installation Template

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Routing templates, milled from solid brass, ensure quick and precise placement of Brusso products. Compatible with HD-702. Installation instructions are available.

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$ 42.24 per PKG

2 Reviews

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    Posted by John Felten on Jun 22nd 2020

    I have purchased jigs for each of the Brusso products that I use on a regular basis. By Choosing the best products available it follows that I want to install them in the proper manner, with as few problems as possible. Using the Brusso jigs insure that the installation will be completed quickly and, most importantly, correctly.

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    Can't live without this Jig

    Posted by Craig Shilling on Sep 5th 2016

    I bought a set of brass feet HD-702 for a very nice Urn I was making. Tried several times without this jig on scrap wood to line up all 4 feet a "smige" proud. Could not get them exactly the way I wanted them. Broke down and ordered this jig TJ-702 and proceeded to route them out all the same. I did have to add some spacing to the inside of the jig lips, but it worked great. 4 stars is because about 2 weeks after i bought the Jig, Brusso had it on sale for $19.95. That $20 bucks would have been helpful on this low profit item for a friends Veteran husband. I do recommend the Jigs though, in fact anything Brusso makes is high quality. And they do offer a Veterans discount. So I'll give them that extra star for that.