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Wedding Ring Box from Paul F.

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

These photos were sent to us by Paul Fowler, who uses our ST-12 center pivot hinge to make this one-of-a-kind wedding ring box.

"My daughter asked me to make a small unique box for her and her fiance's rings that the best man would find easy to open even if stressed - for her wedding in mid-August. I had some small pieces of weeping birch from the gorgeous tree in our garden. This very small knife hinge looked ideal; all I had to do to retain the two halves of the box was some minor surgery on the hinges with brass panel pins.

The box is held closed by small magnets concealed under contrasting insets. The box slides open sideways revealing the rings in black velvet-lined space and is snapped shut nicely by the magnets, with a small "tooth" stop keeping it under control. The knife hinge is well suited for small projects like this."