Record Storage Box from Daniel George

Record Storage Box from Daniel George

Posted by Brusso Products LLC on Aug 7th 2020

These photos were submitted by Daniel George and he used our CB-302 hinge and JB-818 box latch.

     "I've always been into vinyl records and my friends DJ using wax as well. I made my first box as a gift to a groomsman of mine for my wedding. Since then I have updated the design and improved it's functionality. The JB latches have such a classic and low profile look to them they fit seamlessly using the jig as well. The CB 302 hinge matches the look and proper size to complete the box for 7" records. This box uses a combination of flatsawn and quartersawn white oak cut into a waterfall, with maple and walnut as the top and bottom pieces. Mitered keys from the matching wood from the top and bottom."

     To see more of his work, follow him on Instagram @dantimgeorge.