Mt. Fuji in Autumn Box from Bob of Potomac, MD

Mt. Fuji in Autumn Box from Bob of Potomac, MD

Posted by Brusso Products LLC on Mar 25th 2023

     Bob from Potomac, MD, submitted these photos, and feature our JB-101 stop hinges.

     "Yet another marquetry box using Brusso JB-101 hinges .... I'm a retired electrical engineer who now loves to dabble in making marquetry boxes of all sorts. This box is my marquetry interpretation of a sōsaku-hanga (“creative print”) woodblock print by Mamoru Makino. The marquetry was fabricated with hand-cut veneers of American Holly, African Sapele, Brazilian Pau Amarello, Western Big Leaf and Quilted Maple. The inside cover of the box was made from a spectacular slice of spalted figured maple with crushed semi-precious azurite & malachite stones. The box itself is made from solid cherry which will age beautifully over time to a golden amber color. The bottom of the box is fitted with a beautiful piece of imported Japanese washi paper. As always, I use Brusso JB-101 hinges to exquisitely finish off the box."

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