Mahogany Cabinet from Kent Parker

Mahogany Cabinet from Kent Parker

Posted by Brusso Products LLC on Dec 11th 2022

     These photos were submitted by Kent Parker and feature our CB-407 butt hinges, K-2 shelf support sleeves, and K-10 shelf support pins.

     "This cabinet is made from mahogany and measures approximately 5' 3" tall x 23" wide and about 13" deep. Originally commissioned for singer/songwriter David Crosby. Its a variation of a design I did back in 1982. In addition to the glass door panels, there are glass side panels which allow for greater viewing of the contents displayed. The cabinet has two satin edged glass shelves resting on removable "Brusso" brass shelf pins with additional means to have a single, centrally located shelf. The stand's wood shelf has two removable planks which when inverted reveal hidden compartments (small boxes) with sliding lids.

     This piece was designed to have understated grain and a shape that would not compete with the pieces chosen to be displayed. There are no knobs or handles on the doors to interrupt the simplicity of the piece. I used Brusso's # CB 407 butt hinges for the doors and the shelves are held in place with Brusso's K-2 and K-10 shelf supports."

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