Keepsake Box from Niko

Keepsake Box from Niko

Posted by Brusso Products LLC on Feb 25th 2023

These photos were submitted by Niko who used our CB-301 butt hinges.

     "I'm farely new to woodworking and decided to build my girlfriend a keepsake box out of mahogany using handtools exclusively. I have never cut dovetails before so I was quite nervous beforehand. After seeing Germ├ín Peraire from Barcelona using your hardware in a YouTube video I instantly fell in love with it so I knew I had to use it as well.
     I underestimated the softness of brass, hence I rounded out some screw he
ads despite pre drilling. As much as I would have loved a cleaner finish, it still came out beautifully overall and I think my girlfriend hasn't even noticed the rounded out screw head.
     Thank you for providing me with your amazing hardware, I will definitely order from you again!
     Cheers from Kiel, Germany.