Cutlery Presentation Chest from H L Woodworking

Cutlery Presentation Chest from H L Woodworking

Posted by Brusso Products LLC on Jul 16th 2021

     These photos were submitted by H L Woodworking and feature our JB-102 stop hinges and HD-702 box feet.

     "Born and raised in New York City, Hoyt began woodworking in first-grade elementary school; students could work on a wood project in the basement shop for one hour each Wednesday. Needless to say, Wednesday became his favorite day of the week! Limited to hand tools, this may be the origin of the adage, the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!
     Living in Gainesville, Georgia today, his grown-up shop is at home and focused on furniture and distinctive boxes. Making it very convenient for his wife to check-in, she is also a design sounding board. Without great design, why bother?
     Either as a Cutlery Presentation Chest or a Jewelry Chest with a sliding tray, this walnut shows off Brusso hinges and feet handsomely!