Brusso Launches European Webstore -

Posted by Brusso Products LLC on Sep 6th 2023

Brusso Products is thrilled to introduce its brand-new direct sales channel inside the European Union, This latest development marks a pivotal moment for Brusso as it endeavors to provide an enhanced shopping experience for woodworkers and craftspeople in Europe. By partnering with a Netherlands-based logistics firm, Brusso has unlocked a world of opportunities for its European clientele. This means faster shipping times, Euro denominated prices, and fewer customs issues for Brusso customers.

Kevin Bing, President of Brusso Products LLC, shared his enthusiasm for this new venture: “Over the past few years we’ve seen a strong growth in business from our customers inside Europe.We’re glad to have this opportunity to better serve woodworkers and craftspeople in Europe by sharing our high quality woodworking hardware. We feel that our line of American made hinges, pulls, and latches are a truly unique offering that meets quality standards above and beyond anything else on the market. We’re very excited to share these products with woodworkers across Europe.”

To celebrate this expansion, Brusso is offering a one time discount for customers at Use the code BRUSSO2EU at checkout for 20% off your first order.


Kevin Bing