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Box and Cabinet from Stephen D.

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

   These photos were submitted to us by customer Stephen Dujack- a box which features our JB-103 stop hinges and a small cabinet. As Stephen describes it:

      "I love building furniture but when I am down to the last bits and pieces and putting off the long drive to the wood store, I build boxes. The attached box was built by me for a friend who took the role of "client." I sent her photos of each stage of construction and asked for her input. The satisfaction came after I had shipped it off to hear how happy she was and how entranced with the process. And she loved the hinges! My confession, however, is that I substitute brass plated square drive screws. They never break, the bit never slips, and they look good installed.

     I've also attached a small Garrett Hack cabinet I made with your butt hinges. Great look!"

     If you have a project you'd like to share, feel free to submit through our form here: https://www.brusso.com/customer-photo-submission/