Jewelry Box Hardware

This collection is a sample of our most popular hinges, latches, box feet, and more for assembling a jewelry box. This is a great collection for beginning level or experienced woodworkers looking to put quality finishing touches on their next heirloom project.

We recommend buying these items as a kit so you'll be ready to go for your next project.

The products below are just a selected sample of our line. For a full listing of products check out our Hinges and Hardware pages. When buying this hardware as a kit, be sure to choose between a butt hinge with a lid stay or one of our stop hinges with a built in stop.

  • Sale
    JB-102 Stop Hinge

    JB-102 Stop Hinge

    The JB-102 square knuckled full mortise butt hinge is engineered with a built-in stop that allows a lid to remain open a…

    AU $66.43
    AU $66.43
    AU $33.22
  • CB-302 Butt Hinge

    CB-302 Butt Hinge

    The CB-302 full mortise butt hinge, milled from heavy brass stock, is one of four different sizes manufactured for boxes…

    AU $70.86
  • JB-818 Latch

    JB-818 Latch

    The JB-818 brass latch is mortised into the lid and front of a box or case up to the edge of the cove molding. The sprin…

    AU $67.90
  • JB-250 Lid Stay

    JB-250 Lid Stay

    The JB-250 brass mortised lid support provides an elegant stop for boxes and cases. The body is mortised into the side, …

    AU $57.56
  • JB-423 Box Feet

    JB-423 Box Feet

    The JB-423 decorative box foot, comprised of a sphere with a disk-shaped foot, is pressure-fit and glued into place. It …

    AU $20.62
  • Made in the USA

    Screw Wax Tin - 1.55oz

    Brusso Hardware is proud to offer Screw Wax (TM) Premium Wood Screw Lubricant.  We take preventing screw breakage v…

    AU $12.55