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Brusso Offset Pivot Video with Caleb Woodard

Posted by Brusso Hardware on

We have a special kind of customer submitted project today.  This is a video we had commissioned to be made by  Caleb Woodard.  It displays his installation of our L-87 offset pivot hinge on his Maelstrom project.  This is a more advanced pivot hinge install as the furniture has already been assembled.  His craftsmanship in hand chiseling really comes through in the video and it's a beautiful sight to see.

From Caleb:

"For years my hinge of choice has been Brusso. They are a family-owned, American maker of the highest quality hinges. I was honored to partner with them in making a short instructional video on how to install their offset knife hinge in a cabinet after it has been assembled. This can be a tricky install, so hopefully my tips will help you out.  I don't recommend much, but I highly recommend their product."

Caleb Woodard is a nationally recognized designer and maker of heirloom quality furniture. This video features his Maelstrom project. He works out of his studios in Washington DC and Nashville. To learn more about Caleb visit his website -  http://calebwoodardfurniture.com/