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The JB-102 square knuckled full mortise butt hinge is engineered with a built-in stop that allows a lid to remain open at 95°. It is milled from heavy brass stock and can be used when an additional stay is not desired. The leaf measures 1-1/4" in length. Routing template TJ-102 and installation instructions are available.

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$ 28.80 per PKG

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  1. Good design and quality

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 20th 2020

    Really nice product, goed to handle in production, a little bit expensive to order form The Netherlands

  2. Easy to Install with Practice

    Posted by Tom McCurnin on Sep 28th 2019

    Even with the Brusso Template, this hinge is not easy to install, unless you spend an hour or so working with the template and some scrap.

    When using the template, make sure the box is pre-finished, because the hinge will determine where the sides of the box meet and they might be off by a 32nd, which can be cleaned up with sandpaper. The template is not perfect and is no substitute for practice.

    I used spacers to elevate each side of the box to the proper height. After using the template, spend a minute or two on each mortise squaring the corners.

    Then use a Vix-Bit or similar device with the smallest setting, a No. 2 bit, then pre-screw the holes. Then use the supplied steel screw and some beeswax to cut threads in the holes. Only when the hinge is fitted do you try to screw the brass screws.

    Bottom Line: Spend some time with the hinge and the template to get comfortable with it before trying it on a completed box.

  3. Superior Quality

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 27th 2019

    These are the best quality and performing highs I have run across. I really like the fact that they stop at 90-95 degrees. You have to be extra careful when using the brass screws. Predrill and use the steel screw provided.

  4. Great Hinges!

    Posted by Cordell Roy on Sep 9th 2019

    I've used Brusso 101 and 102 hinges for several box projects. They never fail to please and impress regarding look, fit and finish.

  5. Brusso Hinge JB-102

    Posted by Larry on Sep 8th 2019

    Brusso hinges are simply the best hinges available. The finish, movement and repeatable dimensions are consistent from one hinge to another. Brusso hinges are my preferred hinge on my premium jewelry boxes.

  6. Excellent stop hinge

    Posted by John Felten on Aug 27th 2019

    I make many small boxes. Since discovering Brusso and especially the JB-102, I use it almost exclusively as my “go to” stop hinge. High quality and consistent manufacturing make for a perfect finish for my projects

  7. Top line products

    Posted by John Felten on Jun 7th 2019

    Since discovering Brusso many years ago I’ve found that a well designed and built box deserves the best hardware I can find....In this case, its Brusso.....a quality product at a fair price....Thanks Brusso...!

  8. Excellent stop hinge.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 1st 2018

    This is a wonderfully constructed hinge. The brass is very heavy gauge and the machining is excellent. A very precisely made item.

    A stainless starter screw is included and is very helpful in installation. Despite this I needed to obtain some extra bras screws and Brusso support was very helpful in obtaining these. Highly recommend the product.

  9. Top Quality

    Posted by Dan Campbell on Jun 2nd 2018

    I've tried other hinges (to save $) but in the end I went back to Brusso. The quality is outstanding and very consistent from order to order.. Additionally, great customer service.

  10. Perfect for small boxes

    Posted by Eric McRory on Jan 21st 2018

    This is my go-to brass hinge for the humidors I make, which are about 12x9x6 or smaller. Very easy to install, even without the router template. The finish is good but the shine can be taken higher with hand polishing if this is desired.

  11. High quality hinge

    Posted by Bluberry on Dec 18th 2017

    Am exceptional hinge. When you put time and talent into a beautiful box, don't scrimp on a hinge of lessor quality. These hinges are worth your investment.

  12. When Quality Counts....

    Posted by Jeff Zens, Custom Built Furniture, Salem Oregon on Nov 2nd 2017

    I teach a lot of woodworking classes, and recommend Brusso hardware to all of my classes for nearly all of their hinging applications. Most of our work is hand-made, and it's foolish to use an inexpensive hardware store hinge after spending hours and hours on high-quality hand work. Sure - they're expensive. When quality counts, the cost is certainly worth it.

  13. Happy first time Bursso experience

    Posted by Ford Prather on Sep 27th 2017

    The JB-102 hinges were my first Brusso purchase, and I can tell you that it won't be my last. Cheap stamped steel hinges have always been a dread for me to install. These perfect no play, thick, perfectly square hinges made installation pleasant. I used them on a jewelry box and they look and work beautifully. I can't wait to use more of Brusso's hardware.
    Thank you Brusso!!! I

  14. dimensions

    Posted by ted on May 19th 2017

    I ordered the butt hinge and from the illustrations and directions it appeared that I would fully miter the thickness of the hinge; when I looked at it carefully, it can only insert about 2/3's of the way into the box thickness as it needs space to rotate around the hinge. That wasn't clearly defined in the specs and I would have ordered a different hinge had I known that. the quality of the hinge is excellent, but the application information was disappointing.

  15. Perfect finish

    Posted by Paul Shock on Jan 13th 2017

    I was like many of the others, a little surprised by the cost. But I read the reviews and product information. These hinges are worth every penny. They are amazing. Every piece I make, I insure the hinges are easily visible. Their beautiful, strong and adds to the quality of the piece. I highly recommend them.

  16. Best hinges I've used

    Posted by Jay Bates on Jan 1st 2017

    These are the best hinges I've used. It's a very rewarding feeling after installing the hinges to find that there is zero slop and play in them and everything lines up exactly like it should. The ability to keep the lid open without an additional support is also very nice. I'll definitely be using these again in the future.

  17. Great Hinges

    Posted by Scott Keith on Jun 7th 2016

    These stop hinges were the perfect choice for jewelry box I made for my wife. They are precise, function smoothly, and the package even included a steel screw for threading the holes prior to installing the brass screws. Great product.

  18. Offset Knife Hinge

    Posted by David Dalzell on Oct 23rd 2015

    Very nice hinges. I use Brusso hinges on any project that requires hinges. I have always found them to be excellent. However I would like to see one extra steel try screw and one or two extra brass screws with each set.

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