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Quadrant Hinges from Derek Wolcott

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

The follow photos were submitted by customer Derek Wolcott of Spokane, WA.  The boxes feature Brusso's HD-638 quadrant hinge.  The project involved 28 boxes used by a corporate customer as gifts.  The wood combinations pictured here include walnut with a quilted maple inlay, curly maple with walnut inlay, and cherry with wenge inlay.  To assist with mortising and installation Derek says he used two of Brusso's routing templates.

As he describes it, Derek 'accidentally' started his woodworking business 8 years ago after retiring from the communications industry.  His personal wood shop initially started to make "napkin holders and towel racks" for his wife.  Eventually he moved on to making furniture pieces for friends and then works beyond his circle of friends.  All of his work is custom, one of a kind work.  Customers are interested in the personal touch he puts into his work as well as the high quality materials he uses.  Find him online at http://www.wolcottcustomwoodworks.com/.

If you would like to submit images of your work using Brusso Hardware, email us at info@brusso.com.