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Jewelry Box from David Maquilon

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

     This project was submitted to us by David Maquilon and features our HD-702 box feet, JB-804 stop hinges, and JB-818 latch.

     "I have a simple background. I bought a condo many years back, was taught how to update it, began buying tools here and there and quickly caught a bug of wanting to be a handyman. I would volunteer feet to help people with small home issues to improve my craft. At a certain point, I had no projects to work on. Father’s Day was around the corner and my uncle had been wanting a steak board with a juice groove. With no experience in woodworking, I took on a new challenge and created a 3D cutting board. Surprisingly, it came out really well. From there, I just began experimenting with different designs, bought more specialized tools, and found myself visiting the lumber yard a lot more often. Cutting boards are fun to make but now I’m looking to take on new challenges. Dovetails are my focus at the moment. I made a jewelry box for a customer and chose to use dovetails for the first time as the joinery of choice. Took me three tries to get it right. I went to Brusso Hardware because I wanted quality. I was shocked how it came out. I learned a lot and that’s what it is all about."