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Jade Box from Jay Ailworth

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

   Jay Ailworth crafted this jade box using our SR-638 side rail hinges. The dimensions of the box are H 2-5/8", W 3", L 3-5/8". Here's a little background on how he came to craft this project:

     "My friend of 43 years, Kenny Comello, owns the Big Sur Jade Company in Big Sur, CA. Over the years he has allowed me to play at making things from his stones. Not being a talented carver I have always made functional things using a drill press and grinders. I have mostly concentrated on "shot" glasses from single blocks of stone, cribbage boards and things like that. This past month I had an opportunity to spend a week in his shop and decided a box from a single block of stone would be something to try. I knew I would need high quality hinges to support the weight of the jade. I looked all over the web and stumbled upon Brusso Hardware. I immediately liked what I saw.

     Since this would be my first attempt at something like this I wanted a set of hinges that would provide maximum support for the lid since I would not be able to actually screw into the stone to hold the hinges. I decided to use your side rail hinges since I could use the depth of the box to drill deep holes to hold the bottom half of the hinge with the entire screw glued into the hole. For the lid portion of the hinge I did the same thing but not as deep. I had to clip those screws.

     The only tools used during this project were a tile saw, a drill press using diamond core drills of various sizes, a 6" grinding wheel and some Dremel tool sanding discs and drums and a lot of hand sanding. I did all the rough work in Big Sur then brought the box home to finish it at my home in Florida. This was definitely a learning experience. I probably did not need the side rail hinges as I found they took up a lot of potential space for the interior of a small box. Next time I will most likely use your JB-804 hinge."

     Jay is going back to Big Sur in July and plans to make more boxes. We can't wait to see what he has in store next!