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Humidor from Jameson of Nevada

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

     These photos were submitted by Jameson of Nevada and feature our SR-638 side rail hinges.

     "As a hobbyist woodworker on the weekends, I've been making small projects to build fundamental skills in woodworking.

     My latest project was gifted to a friend who was moving out of state. Since we smoked cigars together on many nights, I thought he needed a humidor. Seeing him use ziplock bags just hurt.

     The humidor is made from solid Spanish cedar on the interior and wrapped with wenge. The top and bottom have a maple inlay strip. Most of the work was done with hand tools.

     Since this was a gift, I chose only the best hardware, which was the Brusso SR-638 side rail hinge. Although small, those hinges really stand out. They look great and the 95 degree stop is exactly what a humidor needs."