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Engagement Ring Box from Nicholas Jones

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

The following photos were submitted by Nicholas Jones at architectureinwood.com.  They feature a recent project of his where the client requested a wooden box and a solid wenge engagement ring.  The box itself is made from ziricote and was made over the course of three weeks.  The box features the JB-828 latchHD-680 quadrant hinge, and JB-426 brass feet.  The project appears to have been a great success as shown by the pictures below and that the bride-to-be accepted the marriage proposal!

Nicholas Jones has been a cabinet maker in the Greater London area for the past 14 years.  He now focuses more on bespoke heirloom pieces including highly ornate boxes.  He has works with private clients as well as architects and interior designers.  For more information on Nicholas, his work, and to see more photos visit architectureinwood.com.