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Display Cabinet from Jim A. and Don J.

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

    These photos were submitted to us by Elliot Green, who wanted to share his friend and father-in law's work. The project features our BC-263 ball catch and CB-301 butt hinge.

     "My father-in-law Jim Allen and his good friend Don Jacobus have been fine woodworkers for years. Jim's daughter Karen has a collection of Argentine mate cups. These cups are hollowed out gourds. They are decorated with interesting carvings, and they are used as tea cups. To drink your tea from a mate cup, one uses a “bombilla”. A bombilla is a combination straw and strainer. Tea floats freely in the water and you drink your tea using the straw/strainer.

     Jim and Don made a display cabinet and stand to house her collection. It is as much a piece of art as the cups. The cabinet is made of birds-eye and curley maple, with ebony door pulls. The stand is cherry. The perfect hardware for this project was Brusso door catches and hinges."