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Credenza from Jim Reed

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

     This project was submitted by our customer Jim Reed of Reed Handcrafted Furniture and features our L-37 offset pivot hinges.

     "I started woodworking about 3 years ago. I have always had a love for art in all forms such as cars, architecture, interior design, or painting. When I found woodworking, it turned out to be the best way for me to combine all of my art interests into one. I love designing and sketching ideas and turning them into final, tangible products. This credenza was the first time that I got to include knife hinges. I can't imagine using any other kinds of hinges for this. They tie in with the brass standoffs with that perfect, small reveal. I can't wait to use more of your products in the future with other builds."

     To view more of his work, visit his website at reedhandcraftedfurniture.com.