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Box from Robert W.

Posted by Brusso Hardware LLC on

     This photoset was submitted to us from Robert Williams who lives in Houston.

     "I am a hobbyist woodworker who got his start out of necessity. Young and first married and with little money for furniture, I resorted to building a needed TV stand. I became hooked but only dabbled as I could. About seven years ago I was in a position to take woodworking more seriously and have been going strong since. Projects include furniture, built in cabinets, cutting boards, and other things, but what I really enjoy is making boxes. I've made several as gifts and only recently took commissioned orders. The project I'm presenting is the most challenging box I've made and was commissioned for a fee. It's maple and walnut with black velvet lining. I would consider only Brusso for the hinges for a project like this. I use the JB-103 on all of my boxes. There are none better."